We deserve a break, don’t we? We’ve been working pretty hard the last few weeks. I think the no-break rule is working pretty well, too….

See you all on March 11 – wishing you all safe, happy, relaxing breaks!

We missed you: Flavie, Daniela, Sophia, Gabrielle, Miranda, Sarina, Linda, Rebecca, and Angeline

and congratulations to those of you who held down your own parts with so many singers missing tonight!!!

I recently came across an ad for this amazing opportunity: https://www.musicfest.ca/ellisonchoir_e.shtml

Scott Leithead is one of the best conductors of youth choirs in Canada, and he’s toured all over the world with his choirs, and spent a lot of time in South Africa, learning about the music there. I would encourage ALL of you to audition for this – it would be an unbelievable experience! If you need letters of recommendation, I’m your woman!

See you on March 11!


See you in two weeks

Children’s choir, thank you so much for your hard work at rehearsal today. We were talking a bit more than I would have liked, but we can work on that next time, once we’ve all had a nice break.

There will be no rehearsal next week – see you March 11!

We missed you: Maria J, Olivia, Zoe, Emma

Homework: On my bike – verse 2, Keep it Good – all

Please mark Saturday May 4th on your calendars – there is a possibility that we will be hosting an event with several other choirs from the community that day – details TBC.

Have a great break!


Well, that was a great rehearsal! Thank you to all of you for being so focused and hard-working. And congratulations to all of you who were brave enough to audition for solos today.

Next week, Elise will come to check uniforms. If you are new, you need to be ready to try on a uniform or two (this means wearing a tank top or something tight under your clothes so that you can try on a dress without going downstairs to the washroom). If you have a uniform that no longer fits, please bring that in to show Elise so that she can assess the situation.

We missed you

Sophie, Alexa, Flavie


El Barquito Vs 2, My Heart Soars, ALL

As for the solos:

Balladi – Taylor

Wade in the Water:

measure 21 – 26 – Linda

measure 28 – 36 – Linda + Naomi

measure 37 – 42 – Naomi

measure 45 – 58 – Sarina + Andrea

measure 59 – end soprano 1 line – Sarina, Andrea, Naomi, Linda

measure 59 – end solo line – Rachel

Thanks again to everyone who auditioned. You all did a great job, and it was really hard to make my final decisions!

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