Leave earlier on Sunday, ready to sing at 11:59

Hi to everyone,

No cash on Sunday

Please note that tickets on Sunday (June 2) will be sold only via debit or credit.  No cash will be accepted (contrairement aux années passées).

Tour de l’île – Leave earlier

Note that there will be a lot of traffic on Sunday due to Le Tour de l’Île à vélo.  Please, allow more time than usual to get to Redpath.  Plus finding a parking…  Personnally, I will take the subway!

20 Highway shall be opened up to Guy exit or Atwater exit without any problem.  If you have a doubt about your route, consult this map : http://www.veloquebec.info/files/file/evenements/2013_TDI_50km_InfoCircul.pdf

Schedule on Sunday

  • In Redpath at 11:59, we have a 30 minute warm up.  Be there!
  • Lunch break 12:30 – 13:30
  • Rehearsing again 13:30
  • Doors open 14:00
  • Concert starts 14:30

Organize your binder

June 2nd program :

  1. Britten – Rejoice in the Lamb
  2. Morley – Month of Maying
  3. Hanacpachap
  4. Gianneo – Llanto del Imperio Inca
  5. Duruflé – Kyrie
  6. Tourdion
  • The Storm is Passing Over
  • Old Time Religion

Solistes pour le Charpentier

I saw a few persons looking in their score, considering to take the soloist challenge I proposed.  Anyone interested in singing the Bass part or Tenor 1 part (easily doable by a women voice), let me know by e-mail or come and tell me on Sunday. We have to try it on Sunday, during lunch break.  c_lesaunier@hotmail.com

Wheel chair

Reminder : anyone who wants to use the wheel chair access to Redpath Hall have to make a pre-booking.  Let me know by e-mail.

Bonjour mon coeur

Those who missed last rehearsal, Ben made for us a copy of Bonjour mon coeur with the lyrics of the 2nd verse added.  Thanks Ben!  You can find it on the French Renaissance Program Page.

Raymond building

Our year 2012-13 in Raymond Building is over!  Everything we have to go through will take place in Redpath from now on. If you forgot/have lost something in Raymond, let me know by e-mail.  I’ll try to pick it up before our June 11th party.

I think that’s it!

Did I mention the words : Intensive Individual Reviewing?

Go where it hurts, review what’s NOT easy for you.

Have a blast!

Notice re: Sunday’s concert

Hello everyone,

I have two short announcements regarding Sunday’s concert:

1) The first is from Nancy Soulsby, who says: Schulich Concerts and Publicity has just confirmed that their policy now is to accept no cash for ticket purchases.  At the Sunday concert a Schulich Box Office representative will be present at Redpath Hall and will accept payment via debit card or Visa or Mastercard; however, no cash.

2) We’ve done it again – Sunday is not only the McGill Conservatory Choirs Gala, it is also the Tour de l’isle!  Please leave in time to arrive at rehearsal on time! Check the website to see if your route will be complicated by this. http://www.veloquebec.info/en/feria/The-Tour-de-Ile-de-Montreal

See you all Sunday! Looking forward to it very much!


Concert Program – June 2

Hello Singers!


Here is the program for June 2, in the right order (Great-Britain first, then Inca’s world and finally France) :

  • Rejoice in the Lamb – Benjamin Britten
  • Now is tye Month of Maying – Thomas Morley
  • Hanacpachap
  • Llanto del Imperio Inca en agonia – Luis Gianneo
  • Kyrie, from Requiem Op.9 – Maurice Duruflé
  • Tourdion
  • The Storm is Passing Over (with Youth choir)
  • Old Time Religion Medley (with Children’s and Youth)

We’ll start our concert part with a big chunk, the Britten : mystérieux et intrigant, rythmique et entraînant and then peacefully flowing.  We’ll have to be precise and attentive.  Dégourdis!

We’ll review all of these on Tuesday, of course.  Run throughs!

2 weeks left

I was terribly proud of what you sang on April 21st; it was a delight.  And people loved the music.  Now, on June 7th, it’s your concert.  And for this event, I want you to be as proud as I was last April.

We have 2 weeks left before this final Grand Concert; year is over, learning time is over.  It’s time to :

      1. run through your lyrics without and in rhythm
      2. review and nail the tricky parts
      3. run through all pieces

And especially time to :

      • invite friends, collegues, neighbours and family to hear this great moment of music.

Final sprint is open.  It may be the last time you sing these songs.  Let’s do it avec musicalité et distinction!

À mardi,



Children’s choir! Congratulations on doing such a great job last  night. I was very impressed with your performance!

I think that All Things Bright and Beautiful was the best you’ve ever done it! And Above the Bright Blue Skies was really great, too – good work, soloists!!! J’ai cueilli la belle rose was very, very beautiful – your watching was so great in that piece! I think the audience really liked the Green Songs, too.

I was very proud of your behaviour, as well – you were a very appreciative audience for the Youth Choir, and you did a very professional job on stage, keeping your hands at your sides and your eyes on the conductor. I’m very very proud of you!

No rehearsal on Monday – see you Sunday!

xo Amy


Congratulations, Youth Choir, on a really great concert yesterday. I am so proud of you for doing such a beautiful job.

You have improved so much over the course of this year, and it is all thanks to your dedication and hard work!

Clair de Lune was so beautiful and mature sounding! And the tuning in the Finnish pieces was perfect! And La Lluvia was nearly perfect – well done on that! And the Storm is Passing Over made me cry, it was so good!

I am really, really proud of you all – thank you for being so wonderful.

No rehearsal Monday – see you all next Sunday!

xo Amy

Demain : back!



Demain, je ferai la distribution des billets pour notre concert du 7 juin. Yé! Tomorrow, everybody will leave with his 7 tickets to sell.  Thanks for taking this seriously et merci de faire les efforts nécessaires pour que nous ayons une salle comble!

We’ll sing everything we’ve learned from last september (about an hour of music) PLUS Léa (my partner from University) will sing 2 little ‘airs’ to complete our program.

Note : for the 2nd of June Gala concert, tickets will be available at the door.  Same price as usual : 15$ general and 10$ students/seniors.  Exact 30-minute program t.b.c. soon.

Rehearsal program

On se voit demain pour terminer les 2 gospels et enchaîner les 3 couplets du Morley.  For this last one, please pay attention to the text, there’s a lot of lyrics to go through, and we’ll sing it fast!  You have to master the lyrics in rhythm.

Keep the Gloria de Charpentier on the stove, keep it warm in your memory!

À demain,