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For Saturday: Hodie, Wolcum Yole

For Monday: Deo Gratias – as much as possible

For Oct 21 – There is No Rose

FALL CAMP – Saturday!

When: 10am – 3:45 (the Children’s Choir will be with us from 10am-2:45)

Where: at our regular rehearsal spot (Orange room)

What to bring: music, PENCIL, water, lunch, snack, and a kettle if you offered to bring one! or a uniform if you offered to bring one!

*let’s all bring a mug, too – that way we can save the environment from styrofoam cups!

Next event: CBC/McGill all-day rehearsal on October 26th – all Ceremony of Carols must be memorized by then! This is the conductor we’ll be working with: http://jordandesouza.com/Jordan_de_Souza/Biography.html

What’s up next: Choir Camp

This Saturday is our annual fall camp. This is a day where we spend some time getting to know each other, learning all of the basics of choral singing, rehearsing, playing some games, eating our lunch together, and at the end of the day we’ll give a short performance for our parents. The day takes place in our regular rehearsal venue.


10am – start

11:15 – snack

12:30 – lunch

2:15 – mini-concert and parents’ meeting

2:45 – home time!

What to bring:

     your music, a pencil, a bottle of water, your lunch, a snack, and some markers or pencil crayons, if you have them


     Please come to a short meeting from 2:15-2:45, which will include a basic overview of how the choirs works, a chance to ask questions, and a short performance!

We need two parents who would be willing to chaperone the choir’s lunch break. I will be working with the Youth Choir and will be unable to chaperone them while I eat. If you would be willing to come to the Raymond building from 12:30-1:15, please email me at choirs.conservatory@mcgill.ca.


See you Saturday!



Giuliana and Margot! Great new additions to the choir!

We missed you:

Nobody! Great attendance record so far this term!

Uniforms! Monday September 30:

From 5:00 until 6:30, Elise will be at rehearsal in order to take measurements for new choristers’ uniforms.

In order to try on the right size of uniform, choristers will try on tunics and skirts (or shirts, for boys) of different sizes in order to find out which size needs to be made for them. Choristers should come wearing something (i.e. a tank top) that they can try a uniform on with. If you are wearing a t-shirt, blouse, etc. you will be asked to take it off in order to make sure we get the right fit. The entire process will go much more smoothly if you are wearing something that allows you to try on your uniform without leaving the fitting room.

Former choristers: please make sure that your uniform still fits. If you think you need a different size, please bring the garment to be exchanged to choir on September 30 in its original garment bag.

You do not need to bring money with you on Monday. Uniforms will be paid for on the day you pick them up.

Lundi 30 septembre  de 17:00 heures à 18:30 heures: Prise de mesures pour l’Uniforme:

Pour la prise de mesures, les choristes essaient des tuniques et jupes de différentes grandeurs afin de déterminer la grandeur requise pour la tunique et la jupe; idem pour les chemises des garçons.  Nous demandons donc à toutes celles qui auront à essayer une tunique de prévoir un sous-vêtment (underwear or bra) car on ne peut essayer une tunique avec un T-shirt ou tout autre corsage (blouse, polo etc).

Nouvelles et nouveau choristes: la prise des mesures pour votre uniforme aura lieu lundi le 30 septembre à compter de 17:00 heures.  On débutera par les choristes de la CC.

Anciennes choristes: veuillez vérifier si votre uniforme est de la bonne taille  afin de prévoir s’il vous en faut un plus grand que ce soit pour la tunique, la jupe ou les deux. Il faudra alors rapporter votre uniforme trop petit le jour de la prise de mesures, soit lundi le 30 septembre, dans son sac original. 


Please memorize the Processional from Ceremony of Carols and Wolcum Yole – links posted below to help you:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zxrxK00Jfk – performed by one of Canada’s best women’s choirs, Elektra!

(upcoming homework):

Oct 7 – Deo Gratias

Oct 14 – no rehearsal

Oct 21 – There is No Rose