Youth choir this weekend!!!

Hi Parents & Youth Choir members,

Well the time has arrived for the CBC Youth Gala! We are a select group this year with only few choirs singing which makes it very special!

The schedule once again:

Saturday, Nov 1. Arrive at Schulich School of Music, McGill UNiversity, 555 Sherbrooke St West at 9:30 a.m.

Rehearsal in Pollack Hall from 10:00- 16:00.

Bring your lunch as well as snacks and water!!!!

Sunday, Nov 2. Arrive at 10:00 for our sound check at 10:30. We stay all day. Again bring lunch and snacks. Concert at 16:00 (finishing  by 17:20)

You should all have a paper copy of the schedule.

Please note, this is for youth choir only!

Do not hesitate to email me with any queries.

Can not wait! You are a small group but are singing really well!!!



Children’s choir!

Great effort & concentration this week! Keep it up & keep learning your music at home as the Holiday concert i s approaching!

Just to remind you of dates: Sunday, Nov 30 we will sing at the Magie de Noel (Christmas market) in Ste Anne de Bellevue from 1-2 pm. Please email me to confirm your child’s presence. Also, our Christmas concert will be on Sunday, Dec 7 at 2pm.

Thanks for noting these dates!


Continue memorizing Entre le boeuf

Memorize verse 1 of Hanukkah is Here.

Memorize verse 1 of Minka. Grade 6s memorize verse 2 as well!


Youth Choir uniforms only!

Youth choir uniforms for new choristers will be ready to collect at the beginning of rehearsal (6:15-6:30) this coming Monday, October 27. These are only for some girls. Mme Joubert will be there to let you try it on and to give it to you.

Please prepare a check to McGill Conservatory for $90 or exact cash.

If you can, please come with your daughter to give the money or check yourself. If not possible, you can give it to her.

This is extremely important as our first Youth choir appearance is next weekend at the CBC McGill Gala and we want to look professional and fab!

The Children’s choir uniforms will be ready at a later date.

Thanks you for your cooperation.



One last thing!

Dear Parents & choir members,

We have been invited to sing at the ‘Magie de Noël’ in Ste Anne de Bellevue on Sunday, Nov 30 from 13:00 – 14:00 (2x 15 minutes each). Please let me know if your child can participate by emailing me at:

We will sing our Christmas pieces as well as some carols!

It is a great way to be part of the community and is good exposure for the choirs!