Youth choir

First of all, thank you for an amazing weekend of great music making and bonding. You were all so supportive of each others’ talents and willing to share, explore and create together. You are a great group of young musicians and singers!

Mareike, we will miss you! You are a wonderful singer and great girl! What a positive attitude. We look forward to seeing you again some day! Thank you for being so committed to this group.

Someone left their gloves, in the second row of the alto section! email me at:

or pick them up next Monday.


Earth Hour music: in particular

Plant a tree

Wherever you are

O Sifuni Mungu

Have a great week!




Children’s Choir

Dear Singers,

Thank you for your patience yesterday as we moved rooms near the beginning (other room was free at 17:05!) and with collecting your new music. It isn’t easy when we have to get music, put it in our folders and then settle down. But I do expect that you do this so we can get to singing and learning new music asap! Thank you for remembering this. Some of you did this so well and were extremely helpful and polite. Thank you!

Next week, we’ll add Part 2 to  two of our new songs, so we have to remember to be ready to learn and sing and leave the chatting to the break. You had a really good one yesterday!

Parents, do not worry if they do not have all the music on the music list which I call: Table of Contents. Some other things will come. Also, some of the pieces are very short and are in fact, exercises we use as opposed to songs for concerts. Hence, many pieces on the list and in their binders!


Cantar! – first two pages, Part 1

A Catchy Tune – Part 1, all through the piece

Ice Cream – sing through verse 1 (practice spoken phrase slowly first)

(video & audio clips coming soon!)

Thanks everyone and here’s to another term of great music making and singing!

You are all so capable of it!