CC & YC!

Bonne semaine de relâche!

Pas de répétition lundi, le 2 mars. See you all on Monday, March 9!

Penni 🙂


Youth choir

Well done to all of you! Let’s just try to have everyone next week. I do remember if you told me you couldn’t be there. Don’t worry.


‘Plant a tree’ – watch video and sing your part

Try your best to sing through your voice part in ‘Wherever you are’

See if we can get most ‘Ne compte pas’ memorized for just after the holidays!




Youth choir

Well done to all of you despite quite a few missing. Everybody who misses for whatever reason must take the responsibility to work on the music as we lots coming up as of March!


Sing through the chant in M’kmaq Honour Song.

Watch the video of Plant a tree while singing your part.

Likewise for Wherever you Are.

Thanks to a lovely group of ladies and 1 gentleman!

Keep up this good work!