Choir tomorrow!

Just a reminder of choir rehearsal tomorrow! And, if you are a returning choir member, bring your choir necklace!!!!

And everyone, please bring all of your music to return!!!

Thanks! Merci!



Choir necklaces/ colliers – Rappel!

Dear Parents & choristers!

If you were in the choir last year, please remember to bring your necklaces on Monday, May 30 so I can add new beads to them for our Awards Ceremony!

If you are new this year, you will get a new necklace made for you by me ! 🙂

Si tu es un(e) membre depuis l’année passée, apportez votre collier le 30 mai à la répétition pour que j’attache des nouvelles perles pour notre cérémonie!

Si vous etes nouvelle/nouveau cette année, tu auras un collier fait pour toi par moi! 🙂

Merci! Penni

CC & YC info/ infos Chorale enfants & jeunes – Concert, 5 June/5 juin

Hello everyone,

Firstly, rehearsal on Monday, May 30 at church, normal times!

We will take time to have our snack together and a break in the hall as it is free.

Gala & Awards Ceremony, June 5/5 juin – Pollack Hall, McGill Schulich School of Music, 555 Sherbrooke St W

(although Tanna Schulich Hall is indicated on the tickets, that building is closed on June 5 so we are in Pollack! Same entrance as always, behind Queen Victoria statue)

Arrival time – 12:50

Rehearsal/ 13:00-14:00

Gala Concert & Awards Ceremony: 14:30

Post-concert snacks & desserts reception:

I thought it would be nice to end our season with socializing! We can spend an extra 30 minutes to an hour (as you wish) together in the East Lounge next to Pollack Hall chatting & eating!

Therefore, I would like to ask all parents to bring either a snack, dessert (simple, easy to eat, fruit as well please!), juice, water, napkins, small paper plates & paper cups. I need approx. 15-20 snacks, 10 desserts, 6-8 people bringing juice… & 1 person each bringing the rest. There are 42 choristers in total plus parents and some siblings, family…

Please email me to let me know what you would like to bring:

Many thanks in advance for this and thank you again for your support!




Wow! Bravi tutti! + important info

Parents & singers!

Parents et chanteurs/euses!

What an incredible afternoon of music making, good singing and fun! Thank you for your support, for your belief in music education & the arts and in your children! I certainly believe in their talents and am happy and fortunate to work with them!

Quel bel après-midi de musique, plein de chants et d’amusement!  Merci pour votre soutien et pour votre confiance dans l’éducation musicale et des arts, et de soutenir vos enfants! Je crois en eux et je suis ravi de travailler avec eux!


Today, May 16 & Monday, May 26: NO REHEARSAL

Aujhourd’hui, 16 mai & lundi, 26 mai: PAS de REPETITION

Monday, May 30/ lundi, 30 mai :

Normal rehearsal / répétition comme d’habitude (CC: 17:00-18:30, YC: 18:00-20:00)

*Choristers who have a McGill choir necklace – please bring it on May 30 so I can add your new beads!

*Svp, le 30 mai, apportez vos colliers, si vous etes déjà dans la chorale l’année passée, pour que j’ajoute les perles!

More info about June 5 concert will be posted tomorrow!

Thank you!



Concert – Dimanche/Sunday! location/lieu

Dear All,

This is just a reminder that our concert on Sunday coming, May 15,  is at Union United Church in Ste Anne, where we rehearse each Monday.

Dimanche prochain, notre concert sera lieu à l’église Unie Union à Ste Anne où nous répétons chanque lundi.

See you all Sunday at 12:30!

On se verra tous dimanche à 12h30!


Children’s choir/Choeur des enfants!!!

Thank you for a great long rehearsal yesterday! I hope the timbits gave you some energy on your way home! I know it was long but it was necessary as the concert is on Sunday! It will be great!I am so proud of the work you have all done and of your lovely singing this year! I can not wait to do this concert with you all on Sunday! Let’s do our best! 🙂

Please continue to look at the music and words in Rendez-vous!!!


Arrive:12:30 in UNIFORM & hair back for girls!

Bring a change of clothes for Rendez-vous (casual but nice & easy to change into, pants & t-shirt, we have 5 minutes to do this during our short intermission!)

Concert at 2:30, doors open at 2:00. (parents please go home and return or go for a nice lunch or coffee in the area while we rehearse!)

Thank you parents for your continued support! I know this time of the year there is a lot going on. Thank you for allowing your children to participate in this choir and in our events! It is a real pleasure for me! 🙂

Any questions? Email me at: