Youth Choir – extra rehearsal this Saturday, February 25!

Dear Parents & singers,

As Earth Hour is fast approaching in March and we will lose a rehearsal due to March break, I have decided to add an extra rehearsal for the Youth Choir only this coming Saturday, Feb 25 from 5-7 p.m. at the church.

Most of the choristers said they are available. Please try to get them there! It is much appreciated. I know it is late notice and I also have to reschedule something but I want to ensure I have enough time with them to learn all pieces for our March concert.

I will bring snacks but they should eat dinner either before or after rehearsal, depending on your family’s routine.

Many, many thanks for this!



For Children attending Chinese Gala – tomorrow!

Address:Centre socio-culturel, 490,montée de l’Église, L’Île-Bizard, H9C 1G9
Gala Time:Feb 04, 2017,Saturday
Choir arrival time: 7:30pm (will be in the rest room in the 2nd floor)
The show ending time estimated around 9:30pm
The parents who accompany the kids can enter into the area set for the performers where at the two sides of the stadium, or stand at the back of the stadium as the seats should be reserved for the performers first.
Choir members are to arrive in choir uniform. Bring black shoes (boys & girls) and girls with long hair must have it tied back!!! DO NOT bring music binder!
Thank you all!
Evelyn’s mom, Linda is very grateful!

reminder of schedule – choir commitment

Dear Parents,

I just wanted to send out a reminder about the importance of attendance at our own concerts as well as the concerts and festivals we commit to at the beginning of each season.

Kingston is of course, an exception as it is a trip. We encourage choristers to go as it will be a wonderful learning and sharing experience as well as fun, but it is not compulsory.

However, Earth Hour on March 25 for the Youth Choir and the Festival in Westmount on April 22 (hosted by EMSB -aka Pizza festival) for the Children’s Choir are compulsory. This is part of the commitment we expect from the start and arrangements must be made to have your children/youth at their respective event.

I speak about commitment involved in being in these choirs at the beginning of the season and do not overload the kids the concerts. Thank you for your support and understanding yet again!

Having said that, the Chinese Gala concert is extra for the Children’s Choir and of course if your child can not be there, it is fine. We have enough singers!

Many, many thanks to you all! Have a great, chilly, day!