West Island Children’s Choir Festival – Sunday! Children’s Choir only!

Dear Parents,

You are probably receiving this twice as I emailed as well! Better safe than sorry!

Thank you in advance for your support! We are almost nearing the end of the season and now it is our chance to host this lovely festival on Sunday. Please come to the concert and bring family and friends! Let’s give our lovely, young singers a wonderful audience to sing for, as well as the other choirs in the Montreal area.

I am once again, in need of two chaperones for the afternoon. Could I have two other parents who did not help with the other concert?

Here is the info again:

Venue: Beaconsfield United Church (same venue as our Holiday concert in December)

Arrival time for choir members: 1 p.m. in choir uniform

Bring with you: Water bottle, healthy snacks (nothing messy!) and a book to read (NO electronic devices) or small game to play.

Concert: 4 p.m. (finish by 5 p.m.)

Tickets cost $5 – Please come and bring friends and family!


West Island Children’s Choir Festival

April 29, 2018

Beaconsfield United Church

202 Woodside, Beaconsfield, Québec, H9W 2P1

Thank you all once again!

Many, many thanks,


Info for Children’s Choir

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that we have the West Island Children’s Choir Festival next Sunday, April 29. Arrival time is 1 pm and the parents can return for the concert at 4 pm. The children will go home with info tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our last rehearsal before the festival and we have a new piece to go through – one we will sing with all of the choirs together! It will be fun!

Please try to have your child at rehearsal tomorrow, ready to start at 5 pm, so we can use all of our time!

Many thanks and see you tomorrow,


Choir Rehearsal Cancelled Today!!!

Dear Parents & Singers,

Due to the weather conditions and since all schools are closed today, both the Children’s and Youth Choirs rehearsals are cancelled!

Please pass this news on to everyone!

I will email details about the Choir Festival on April 29 to Children’s Choir parents today.

See you all next week, stay safe and enjoy the extra sleep everyone!


Bravo Children’s Choir!!

Dear Parents and singers,

Bravo on a wonderful performance yesterday, as well as on the massed choir pieces. I am so very proud of what your children have accomplished this year! I hope you are too!

Thanks also to Maude & Sophie’s moms who were our chaperones all afternoon and evening!

It is a joy to sing with these kids every Monday!

Until tomorrow to work on more music for our next festival – Sunday, April 29, The West Island Children’s Choir Festival – and for our Spring concert!

With much gratitude,