Please note that the times for the rehearsal on Saturday, Nov 10 downtown has been changed to 12h00-17h00. This is our only opportunity to rehearse together with Les Muses for our joint repertoire – a very important rehearsal!

Also, if you haven’t yet registered for the Choir  through the conservatory, you need to do so before the end of the week in order to be able to sing with us in Christmas concerts this year. The necessary forms are available here:



We missed you







The Angel – to measure 16

Snow Angel – “Sweet Child”

Sleigh Ride – all

The Candle – all

A little bit of work on this, every day will be much easier than last-minute cramming. Take a tip from Andrea and review your choir music on the bus to school!

Ok! On est en route pour une bonne saison de concerts, mais nous avons du pain sur la planche. N’oubliez pas vos partitions pour les répétitions..!

Veuillez noter que les temps pour la répétition du samedi 10 novembre ont été changés de 12h00-17h00. Ceci est notre seule chance de pratiquer avec Les Muses pour notre répertoire- une répétition très importante!

Aussi, si vous n’avez pas encore été enregistrés pour la chorale à travers le Conservatoire, c’est important de faire cela avant la fin de cette semaine afin de chanter avec nous aux concerts de Noël cette année. Les formulaires sont ci-joints.



Only 4 rehearsals left until the Christmas concert! Thank you so much to those of you who are working hard on your music in order to be ready for that day! If you haven’t registered yet with the conservatory, please do so immediately. If you don’t register by the end of the week, you will not be allowed to sing in the Christmas concert. The necessary forms can be accessed here:


We missed you:

Ilyas, Emma, Olivia, Stefan,


Winter – ALL!

The Frost is Here  – to the end of the second section

Shiru – to measure 36

Christmas Angel – verse 1 and 2

See you next week!


Il reste seulement 4 répétitions avant le concert de Noël! Merci à tout le monde qui travaille fort sur la musique afin d’être prêt pour cette journée! Si vous n’avez pas encore été enregistré avec le Conservatoire,  veuillez le faire immédiatement. Si vous n’enregistrez pas à la fin de cette semaine, vous n’aurez pas le droit de chanter pour le concert de Noël. Voici les formulaires nécessaires:





There were a lot of Singers missing this week.  We could clearly hear the difference. You individually have a great influence on the choir’s sound, since you represent 1/8 or even 1/3 of your own section!  Leslie est notre nouvelle responsable des présences, but I really appreciate when you let me know you’ll be missing a rehearsal (live or via e-mail). Thanks for doing it already.

I count on you to set the choir as one of your top priorities of the week.  The choir is a team work.  Be sure your role is important among us.

So, our intensive rehearsal is coming very soon.  I look forward to it!  Regarding lunch : I heard of a pot lock tradition…  We’ll set that next week.  Regarding music, I wanted to let you know that we’ll sing everything we went through until then, which implies some reviewing.


For next week

Charpentier’s Credo, p.26-35  : read and listen.  Rehearsing tracks and NEW Youtube recordings from Aradia Ensemble on our Musical Program Page.  Have fun, it’s beautiful!


October 23 – Rehearsal recording

We did :

  • Reading of the whole “Sanctus” of Charpentier’s Mass (p.50 to 54).
  • Reading “Tous les bourgeois de Châtres” from beginning to the end.  Please use the pdf score and the audio tracks on our Musical Program Page (see top menu, under “Singers”).

Bonne semaine.

Continuons le bon travail!