Ok! This is it! It’s time for our first concert of the spring season!

The schedule for this Sunday will be as follows:

2:15 arrival

2:30 – McGill soundcheck

2:45 – listen to other choirs soundchecks, short break and snack

4:00 – massed choir rehearsal

5:00 – concert featuring McGill, Choeur des Enfants de Montreal, and three school choirs from the West Island

A snack will be provided – you may wish to bring a drink.

Please wear your uniform – there will not be enough bathroom space for 200 children to change before the concert!!!

Admission for the concert (approx 1 hour long) will be $5

This event will take place at St-Thomas-a-Beckett Church,  4320 rue Ste-Anne, Pierrefonds.


Just a reminder that our upcoming concerts are Saturday May 25th at 7:30pm (Union Church, Ste-Anne), and Sunday, June 2nd at 2:30 (Redpath Hall) followed immediately by the awards ceremony.


Wonderful girls! Keep up the good work!

Two rehearsals left  – everything should be memorized by this point.

Next week, we will rehearse from 6-8 so that we can prepare some joint repertoire with the Children’s Choir.


Just a reminder that our upcoming concerts are:

Saturday, May 25th at 7:30pm and Gala Concert Sunday, June 2nd at 2:30 pm, followed immediately by the Awards Ceremony.

We missed you:

Naomi, Daniela, Gabby, Alexa


To those of you who are volunteering at the Children’s Choir Festival on Sunday, please be there at 2:15 (St Thomas a Becket Church in Pierrefonds). Thank you!


So proud of you! Such a great rehearsal! A capella rep is sounding great!

Thanks for being such a good team, you guys.

Only three rehearsals left until our concert on Saturday May 25th! Start telling your friends and family now!

we missed you:


Sophia, Jasmine


La Lluvia (again)

For those of you who have “volunteered” to help out on Sunday, May 5th:

The event will take place at St Thomas a Becket Church, 4320 Ste-Anne St in Pierrefonds. The children’s choir arrives at 2:15, and the concert starts at 5 and should last no longer than an hour. Thanks!!!