Extra Rehearsal tomorrow!

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow will be our Fall Camp day. It is really an extra rehearsal so bring a snack and we will sing and make up for the missed rehearsal a few weeks ago! This way, we have time without rushing!

The schedule as outlined in the note you brought home:

Children’s Choir: 1:30-3:30

Youth Choir: arrive between 2 and 2:30 and you will now finish at 4:30. We should be out earlier than I thought!

If you can not make it all, come for at least part of it!

It is at the church where we rehearse on Mondays on Union Ave in Ste Anne.

Bring your smiles too!

Hope to see many of you tomorrow!




Choir Schedules

Dear Parents and singers,

Here are the Children’s and Youth Choir Schedules for this Fall.

The only changes may be:

  1. Children’s Choir rehearsal time may finish at 6:15. I will confirm this on Oct. 16.
  2. Youth Choir may begin at 6:00. I will confirm this on Oct. 16. Youth choir members – come for 6:15 next rehearsal as usual!
  3. McGill Conservatory YC Schedule Fall 17
  4. McGill Conservatory CC Schedule Fall 17

Error – next Monday is Thanksgiving!

Dear All,

Next Monday is already Thanksgiving! There is no rehearsal! I am so sorry about today bit I still do not have my voice!

I will reschedule the rehearsal though, I promise. We will make up the time this term.

See you all on Monday, Oct 16!

Please stay informed for any news of an extra rehearsal!


Lundi prochain est Action de Grace puis c’est un jour ferié. Désolé tout le monde! J’organizerai une autre répétition avant notre concert de fetes en décembre, promis!

Puis, on se verra lundi, le 16 octobre!

Restez informer pour une répétition en plus!

Merci encore,


Choir cancelled today – Penni sick! Chorale annulé aujhourd’hui!

Dear All,

I have had a cold and was feeling okay but I have now lost my voice! I am so sorry but I have to cancel rehearsal today. We will resume next week. I will reschedule this rehearsal for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in October or November. So sorry for the inconvenience. See you all next week.

J’ai eu un rhume et maintenant j’ai perdu ma voix! Je suis désolé mais je dois annuler la répétition aujhourd’hui. On se voit la semaine prochaine. Je vais organizer une autre répétition pendant un weekend pour la remplacer. Je vous dit bientot. Désolé et merci pour votre compréhension. A la semaine prochaine.