Children’s choir

We have been asked to provide some veggies & dip for this festival.

On nous à demandé d’apporter des crudités & dip pour ce festival. Je vous tiens au courant pour combine d’enfants…

Will need some donations. Will let you know how many kids we must cater for.

They provide pizza & drinks….

Merci. Penni

Children’s Choir info/Choeur des enfants

Here is the tentative schedule for / Voici l’horaire pour:

April 16  En Harmonie for Kids (aka Pizza festival).

Mountainside United Church, 687 Avenue Roslyn, Westmount, QC H3Y 2V1

2:45  arrival of children’s choirs – Mountainside United Church, Westmount
3:00 Welcome, warm-up and work on massed choir piece
3:45 EMSB sound check
4:00 CEM sound check
4:15 Montreal Chinese Children’s Choir sound check
4:30 McGill / South Shore sound check
4:45 Rosemere sound check
5:00 Con Brio sound check
5:30 Intercultural Choir sound check
See you all next week! A lundi prochain!

Youth choir/Chorales des Jeunes – Bravo!

I can not wait until tomorrow to tell you how amazing you all were this evening! You sang absolutely beautifully, with so much emotion and sense of the texts. I am so proud to be your conductor. Your generosity and love of singing were clear and I really felt humbled there in front of you.

Thank you for all of your hard work, for listening to me tell you over & over where and how to stand, to put your hair back….! You all looked great and once again, sang brilliantly.

Erica Phare, the founder of the McGill choirs, was conducting the Alberta choir and she was very impressed with your sound and singing as was Iwan Edwards.

One Israeli woman at the concert was in tears, she loved how you sang Keshet l’vana.

You all rocked! See you Monday when we’ll do some lighter stuff before the Easter break – Toto’s Africa is one of them!

With gratitude,




Youth – Jeunes – Saturday/samedi, March 19-mars ‘Earth Hour’

Bravo for a brilliant rehearsal yesterday! You sound great and I can not wait to perform with you & the other choirs on Saturday!!!

If you weren’t there, please go through your music and know the words to all Earth Hour music:

Over my head

Walk in Jerusalem

Keshet l’vana

Silence my Soul

The Dream

Though we be but children

I need two chaperones for the Earth Hour event on Saturday. We always need someone with us, from 2:45 – duration of concert. I can split up this time if I have a few people who volunteer. Please email me: choirs.conservatory@

I hope many of you will be there for this beautiful concert! It is freewill donation and the concert is by candlelight. Lovely atmosphere, fabulous youth choirs & singing so please come and bring family & friends!

Here are the details for Saturday, March 19 – Earth Hour event.

14:45 – arrive in front of Christ Church (635 St. Catherine West) CHORISTERS arrive in CONCERT ATTIRE (uniforms!)

15:00-15:30 – CBC media sound-check (photos and hopefully video)

15:30 – walk to McGill, have snack (you need sustenance!) & rehearse with SSCC (South Shore Youth Choir)
16:45 – Chad rehearses with us at McGill
17:15 – Walk back to Christ Church
17:30 – rehearsal at Christ Church
18:30/19:00 – Eat your packed dinner that you bring! please not messy! no time to buy food!
20:00 (until 21:15/30) Concert

What to bring:

Arrive at Christ Church in uniform for CBC media sound-check

Bring snack AND dinner as well as water bottle!

Concert shoes & shoes/boots for walking to McGill and back (5 min), watch the weather!!!

DO NOT BRING valuable items!

Remember, girls, please come with your hair put back (braid or clips but off your face!) & do not wear bracelets… they are not part of the uniform. If any questions, go to concert etiquette on the choir beat blog!

Any other questions, email me: choirs.conservatory@