Here is a video from the opera (The Tales of Hoffman) that our newest piece comes from! What do you think is happening in the story when this song is being sung?

I hope everyone got home safely – it was a messy day on the roads!

We missed you:

Maria J, Katrina, Christophe, Elizabeth, Caitlin, Maria, Natascha

See you all next week!


Orford in 4 sleeps!

See you all at 5 pm at the Beaconsfield Shopping Centre on Friday. The carpool list is here: Carpooling. Please review it to make sure that it is correct, and that drivers know when and whom they are driving.

The map that Orford provides can be found here:

It is not necessary to pack bedding or towels. It would be wise to pack warm clothes for outdoor fun, comfy indoor clothing for rehearsal, and, of course, remember to pack your music, a pencil, and a water bottle!

We will leave the camp at 1:30 on Sunday afternoon, and expect to be back at the Beaconsfield Shopping Centre by 3:30.

Can’t wait for this weekend! Very much looking forward to it!