Bravo tutti!

Parents & choristers,

Thank you for a splendid concert. The singing was stunning and I am so proud of all of your wonderful and talented children.

I am a fortunate conductor to work with them every Monday and to have an amazing pianist and collaborator, Chad. Thank you so much Chad!

Thank you to those parents who helped out again and to Nancy and Sara at the Conservatory. It was a beautiful experience for the choir to sing in this hall.

No rehearsal tomorrow! Enjoy the break!

Awards Banquet and Pot-luck on Monday, June 5 for all @ 6 pm. More details to come!

If anyone could put together a doodle for the potluck for me, could you please email me? Many thanks!

Enjoy the evening everyone and please congratulate your child for their stellar performance!




Concert info for tomorrow!

Dear All,

I look forward to seeing the choristers as well as parents, family and friends at our concert tomorrow at 3 pm at McGill.

Please read the following details:

Arrival time for all choristers: 1 p.m. / 13:00

Dress rehearsal until 14:15. I need two parents to stay with us during the rehearsal! Anybody available? Thank you!!!

Where: 555 Sherbrooke St West, McGill University, Schulich School of Music

Same entrance as always (Statue Queen Victoria) however concert is in the new building, in Tanna Schulich Hall. It was there two years ago!

Choristers are to arrive in concert uniform, black shoes, black nylons or socks…

All choristers must bring their music back either in a big Ziplock bag or in a brown envelope. I can not collect single sheets, copies from all of them! Thank you in advance for this!

Please pack a healthy snack ( no chips, candy!!!!) and a water bottle.

We are so fortunate to sing in this beautiful concert venue! Please bring lots of people to hear our nearly All Canadian Concert.

Freewill donation again.

Questions? Email me today.

Many thanks! Merci!!!



Rep for Spring Concert

Dear Parents & Singers,

Here is a reminder for the singers of the order of our pieces for the concert:


Candle of Hope


To the Moon

La Chasse & L’été

On the back of an Eagle

Les Amours, les Travaux


She’s Like the Swallow

The Water is Wide

United in Song

An die Musik

Stand Together


The Sun is Mine

Where Go the Boats?

I’se the B’y



Please stay tuned for reminders during the week!

And, please ask your child (or you) to bring their/your music to the concert in either a Ziplock bag or a big letter-size envelope. We will collect them on the concert day. That way anything missing can be found and returned at the awards party on June 5.

Thank you all!


Well done for a wonderful last rehearsal! Merci…

Hello everyone,

Thanks to all of the choristers for Monday’s rehearsal. We did some very good work. They are singing well and I can not wait for you to hear them. I know you will be proud of them, as I am!

Our concert on May 28 encompasses music primarily from Canada, celebrating its’ 150th as well as Montreal’s 375th! We will sing a few pieces by non-Canadian composers but the bulk is from here! We hope you will enjoy it!

Here are some details:

Sunday, May 28 – arrive at McGill (downtown) for 13:00

Concert is at 15:00

Parents drop your child in their uniform and return for 14:30/14:45.

This will be another freewill offering as was our Holiday concert! So please, invite as many family members and friends as possible. It is a perfect time for your friend(s) to come listen to us and perhaps consider joining the choir!

Monday, May 29 – No rehearsal!

Monday, June 5 – 6 p.m. for everyone – Awards Ceremony and Pot-Luck Dinner – Union United Church, Ste-Anne

I will give necklaces to new choristers and prizes to all choristers!

We will end our choir year in song, fun, laughter and with food!

I will email a Doodle asking parents what thy would like to bring. This will happen after our concert!

Lastly, for present and future Youth Choir members and parents!!! Please read below.

I have exciting prospects! I have recently been in touch with the conductor of the Edmonton Children’s Choir (mostly Gr 7-9 students) who have invited us to do an exchange with them in Spring 2018. They would come here and we would go there! Each trip would be for about 5-6 days. To make this happen, we would apply for a Sevec cultural exchange grant (programme d’échange) from the federal government. They feel confident we would get this, meaning all transportation costs would be covered! Of course, this is huge! We would then fund raise to cover the rest. The choir members would be billeted but the protocol for this through this exchange programme is extensive, which is good.

Having said this, we need to get our paperwork together and I will need some help in doing this. The application must be in this summer. After the concert, I will ask parents to come together to help create a larger parents’ committee. We now actively have Anny, Patrik and myself. I would like to thank them again for their help on various tasks!

I can not wait to get started on this and see what it will bring!

I hope you will be able to help out in even the smallest way towards this project!

Thank you for allowing Chad and I the pleasure of making music each week with your child (or with you)!

I will email and post a reminder of the details for the concert after the long weekend!

Happy Victoria Day or/où Journée des Patriotes!

Mille mercis!