Feb 24-25 for Youth Choir!

Dear All,

Youth Choir Winter Camp Weekend will indeed be Feb 24 & 25. Please let me know if your child (or you) can not make it. As I mentioned, Saturday will be downtown and Sunday at my house in Mo-West. Details to come. I am looking into us having a yoga session for us on the Sunday. Please discuss this and let me know if your child is or is not interested. They can tell me at the next rehearsal. I will look into the cost and get back to you.

Many thanks,


New schedule!

Dear Choristers & parents,

Please find attached the schedule for the Children’s Choir as well as one for the Youth Choir. I have changed the date of the Youth Choir Camp but am waiting confirmation from McGill. I hope it will now be Feb 24&25. There were too many conflicts with the previous weekend. This is for Youth choir only!

Also, I am hoping to speak briefly to many of you tomorrow at 6:15 pm. It will last only 15 minutes. It is the start of a forum that we can continue another time.

Many thanks,


McGill CC Schedule Winter-Spring 18

McGill YC Schedule Winter-Spring 18

Sorry for yesterday + info

Dear Parents,

I am terribly sorry for the cancellation of the Children’s Choir rehearsal yesterday. The metro was down and Chad couldn’t get to me so I collected him and we thought we could get on the 40 West quickly from Decarie but it was only blocked! IT took us two hours in total to make it to Ste Anne. I got in my car to leave at 3:30. I am so sorry.

I look forward to seeing your young singers next week!

Also, our new schedule will be finalized this week and I will post it here by the weekend. I will bring a copy for the singers next Monday.

Important dates are:

March 24 – both Festival de la Voix (2:00-2:30 concert on the West Island) and Earth Hour (approx. 5:00 arrival downtown for 8:30 pm concert) – for Youth Choir only

May 27 – Spring Concert at McGill (possibility of Saturday, May 26 if better for singers & parents)

CC dates to come asap!

Also, the Youth choir will have a different sort of Winter Camp where we will sing downtown at McGill on Saturday, February 17 and end the afternoon with a visit to a museum or another activity. Sunday, Feb 18, they are invited to my house in Montreal-West from late morning to afternoon, to sing, eat and have a nice time together!

So Youth choir, please keep the weekend of: February 17-18 free! Schedule to come… If you have commitments and can come to part of this, it is also fine. Please let me know in advance.

Lastly, next Monday, I would ask many parents to arrive for 6:15 pm so we can discuss these and any other issues, such as coming up with a telephone chain or other form of communication for last minute cancellations. I would also like to inform you of other things we are looking at. The, CC can go and Youth Choir will resume their rehearsal. I look forward to seeing many of you there. This will last from 6:15-6:30!

If there are any questions, you can email me at:


Warm Regards,







Happy New Year & start date

Happy New Year everyone!

What a fabulous way to ring in the holidays with our wonderful concert. I am sure you are all as proud of the choirs as I am! Thank you all for your support!

Both choirs will start rehearsals on Monday, January 15 at the same time and same place.

Until then, enjoy the last few days of holidays and Stay Warm!

Best Wishes,