Extra Rehearsal – Sunday, April 2, Raymond Building, MacDonald Campus, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue!!!

Dear All,

On Sunday, April 2 we will have an extra afternoon rehearsal to polish our repertoire for Kingston and we will of course sing this music in our other upcoming concerts in April and May. Please try your best to get your child there for the given times.

Children’s Choir: 2:00-4:00

Youth Choir: 2:30-4:30

When? Sunday, April 2

Where? Raymond Building, McGill MacDonald Campus, Ste Anne-de-Bellevue, Room 4-045 (I believe the 4th floor!) Below the map shows where it is in relation to the church in Ste Anne.


I need a parent from the CC who can stay from 2-2:45 at the door to let in the youth choir members at 2:30 as the main door may be locked. Any volunteers?

email me at: choirs.conservatory@mcgill.ca

Also, McGill Conservatory will pay a good portion of the bus fee to for Kingston trip therefore it will cost you only $20 for the bus trip per child.

Also, I will send out a rough itinerary for April 8 & 9 with info about meals as well and email it by the end of the week. You will have a detailed one next week.

Looking forward to seeing the choristers on Sunday!

Mille mercis!


Children’s Choir – extended rehearsal tomorrow 5-7 p.m.!!

Dear Parents,

If at all possible, could your child stay to rehearse with the Youth Choir until 7 pm tomorrow? We now need time to both practice our songs for the Kingston concert (and of course our other upcoming concerts!) and to put together our music with the Youth choir for Kingston, in particular.

This was noted in the schedule I handed out to the choristers. If it isn’t possible and if you have children who are 8 years and even younger, it may be too long for them. Please let me know tomorrow if they will go at 6:30.

I hope the older singers in the CC can stay!!!

As well, an extra rehearsal on Sunday, April 2 for those participating in the Kingston trip, and to all choristers, will be held on MacDonald Campus from 2-4:30.

CC will be from 2-4 p.m. I will email more details this week!

Many thanks!


Today! Aujourd’hui! Earth Hour!

I can not wait to see you all at 3:00 at McGill Music, downtown: 555 Sherbrooke St West.

We will meet in the foyer and we will move to the room to start our rehearsal at 3:15.

I still need a parent or two to be with us when we go to Christ Church at 5:15!!

Earth Hour begins at 8:15 and ends at 9:15. If you do not attend the concert, please be there to collect your chorister then.

Merci et à tant tôt!


P.S. Don’t forget uniform and black dress shoes!


Children’s Choir

Dear Parents,

Once again I apologize for having to cancel Monday’s rehearsal. I am not yet better but am on the mend!

Please ensure your singers look over their music, especially:


Les amours, les travaux

On the back of an eagle

I’se the B’y

the words in “Where go the boats” (middle section for Youth choir)

Reminder that we will have an extra rehearsal on April 2 i the afternoon and it will be on MacDonald Campus in Ste Anne. I will give more details early next week.

Thank you all & see you on Monday!



Youth Choir – Earth Hour reminder

Dear All,

Thank you for rehearsing with Chad on Monday and thanks to Chad for taking the YC rehearsal! I still am not better; I just found out I have strep throat but have started antibiotics and I am sure I will feel much better for Saturday.

I still have heard from no parents about chaperoning during these times!!!!

3 pm arrival time (15h arrivé) – McGill Schulich School of Music, 555 Sherbrooke St West

Rehearsal in room C310 from 3:15-5:00.

Leave for Christ Church and rehearsal begins at 5:30 p.m.

Eat supper (Packed supper!) and concert @ 8:15 p.m. (finishes an hour later)

What to bring:

Uniform, black shoes, music, water bottle, packed supper and healthy snack (nothing sticky or messy and no junk food!)

Girls with long hair – it must be put back!!!!

I need two parent chaperones to be with me during this time or two for the rehearsal and then two from 5:30 until the concert begins at Christ Church. Please let me know by emailing me at: choirs. conservatory@mcgill.ca

Many thanks,