Chaperones for Children’s choir festival still needed!

Dear parents,

I still need a chaperone for the afternoon as well as two to sell tickets from 3:30-4:00.

Please email me if you can.

Much appreciated!


P.S. the festival is only for the Children’s choir, NOT for the grade 6 singers in the youth choir as initially scheduled!!!

Parent volunteers needed for Sunday

Dear Parents,

I need a couple of parents to stay from 1-4 pm during our rehearsals to be chaperones. I will also need two parents to sell tickets as of 4:30.

Admission for these four parents will be free! 🙂

If you can, please let me know by email at:



Sunday, May 1 – West Island Children’s Choir Festival information!

Dear Parents,

Here is the information for our choir festival that we host on Sunday, May 1!

This is the last festival of the year! After this, only our two concerts are left!

Thank you in advance for your support! Merci pour votre soutien!

Sunday, May 1 – Dimanche, 1 mai

St-Thomas-a- Becket Church

4320, Ste. Anne St, Pierrefonds, Québec, H9H 4Y7

McGill arrive: 12:45 – at the latest – au plus tard!

in concert uniform/ en uniforme

Other choirs arrive: 13:00

McGill sound check: 13:00-13:15

Concert: 16:00 – 17:00 (17:15 maximum)

Tickets/billets – $5 at the door/5$ à l’entrée

What to bring? Quoi apporter?

  • water bottle / bouteille d’eau
  • healthy snack / collation santé (fruit, granola bar… & nothing too messy as we stay in the church if the weather does not allow us to go outside!)
  • Book to read if you wish / livre si vous voulez…

Questions, concerns? Email me at:

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!


2 more rehearsals to May 15 concert!

Well done yesterday! Such focus, we went through a lot of music!

Let’s keep this up and create a stunning concert for our public!

What to do:

Africa – memorize your verse of words – sops – vs 1, altos – vs 2

Belle nuit – memorize

review words in Keshet l’vana & Though we be but children

These four songs will be sung by the YC in the May 15 concert.

Also, look at Rendez-Vous:

‘La lettre’ – YC begins singing at bar 29 ‘Rendez-vous…’

‘Au musée’ – YC sings all of this, you are the visitors. Look at French text, bars 20-30

Look at words in ‘Ou est-elle?’: bars 7-15 ‘Tout au fond à droite…’

AND, in ‘la Joconde’, look at verse at bar 31-34, ‘J’en ai merre, moi je veux vivre ma vie…’

Thank you all & see you next Monday for an extended rehearsal!

Monday, May 2, 6:00 – 8:15 pm

Lundi, 2 mai, 18h-20h15



Children’s Choir – Saturday, April 16 – choir festival

Children’s choir – Choeur des enfants:

Information for Saturday/Infos pour samedi:

April 16  En Harmonie for Kids (aka Pizza festival).

Mountainside United Church, 687 Avenue Roslyn, Westmount, QC H3Y 2V1

What to bring/ Qu’amener:

  • uniform & black concert shoes & black tights (panty hose…) boys – black socks! / costume et chausseurs noir (pas souliers de course!)
  • $5 for pizza / 5$ pour pizza
  • girls – put hair back / filles – attachez les cheveux!!!

2:45  arrival of children’s choirs

3:00 Welcome, warm-up and work on massed choir piece – Penni conducts!

3:45 EMSB sound check

4:00 CEM sound check

4:15 Montreal Chinese Children’s Choir sound check

4:30 McGill / South Shore sound check

4:45 Rosemere sound check

5:00 Boyce Alleluia (grand finale) rehearsal for all

5:20 Con Brio sound check

5:40 Intercultural Choir sound check

We will order the pizza for 5 p.m. and start serving.

Concert @ 7:00 p.m. (19h) and tickets at the door – $15/$12 students & seniors (free for children under ?)
*** concert should finish by approx. 20:30!!!
Proceeds go to Sun Youth’s Children’s Programmes

Thank you to several parents who have said they will provide veggie platters. Thank you to those who will chaperone.

Please note I only included 2 parents as chaperones for pizza. If you stay that is fine, but you will be able to go out and eat supper before the concert! Lucky you! 🙂

(I will ask others to provide such food for our end-of-year concert! Thanks!)

This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to sing with several fine Children’s Choirs in the Montreal region and for a very good cause! Thank you for your support! 🙂

Any queries? email me: