Concert tomorrow : last minute informations!

Dear all, 
I just had the information that the main door of the church on the 50th avenue will be closed tomorrow! 

To access to the church, you will have to enter at 220 Acadia (one street west from the 50th avenue).

Also, all the parents who would like to stay to hear the concert have the possibility to do it. 

And last information : don’t forget to take a black binder with your scores for the sing along : we will sing a few Christmas carols with the audience and you will be aloud to have scores! 

So, summary of I just wrote : 

– Come to the church at 220 Acadia in Lachine. 

– Parents can stay

– Please bring a black binder with your scores ! 

Have a good night and see you tomorrow! 


Concert in Lachine : 14th of November.

Dear all, 

Here all the informations for the concert next Monday. 

The concert will take place at 

Summerlea United Church

225 50th Ave, Lachine

H8T 2T7 Lachine 

You have to be there at 6pm

The concert will begin at 6:30pm, so you need to be there really on time, because we will have just a little bit of time to do the warm up and talk a little bit of what will happen 😉 

Please, come dressed with your uniform, and take your scores! I’ll take them back at the end of the concert, because this will be our end of session, and you will sing new repertoire next term. 

The concert won’t take more than an hour, so for the parents, you can pick them up at 7:30. 

Please, look again at you scores, notes, texts

The Children’s Choir won’t be with us, so we will be less singers for the common repertoire!

Have a great week and see you all on Monday! 

End of the session! 

Dear all, 
Thank you so much for the wonderful evening we had last Monday, and most of all, thank you for these wonderful rehearsals and concert we had together the past 3 months. 

It really had been a pleasure to work with you, and I won’t miss the opportunity to say to Penni how lucky she is to work with you all! You will all see her again in January, and she will put on the blog which day the rehearsals will begin again.

Hope to see you and work with you again one day! 

Have wonderful Christmas Hollidays, 

Next Monday, the 7th : rehearsal and party – 6 to 8 pm at the church! 

Dear all, 

I hope you had a wonderful Monday evening, even if we were not together 😉 

For next week, we still need to work a little bit : remember we have a concert on the 14th! 

But after that, it will be good to eat and drink something together, to celebrate our last rehearsal together, and also celebrate our concert on the 29th that went really well! 

So please, come at 6pm, with things to share (eat and drink, and it can be healthy /”collations santé”;)

We will begin with the rehearsal and will finish with all the good things for our stomach 😉 

Have a good week and see you next Monday! 


Next meeting : Monday the 7th – 5 to 6 pm : little party! 

Dear all, 

I hope you had a very good free Monday evening and enjoyed it, even if we were not together 😉 

Next Monday will be the last time I’ll be with you! 

As it was proposed in the calendar, I would like to have a little party, to celebrate the end of the session, for all the beautiful work you have done, and to celebrate also our wonderful concert which went really well! 
This little party will take place as usual at the church, at 5pm.

We will stay together for an hour (so we will finish at 6pm).

Please, bring things to eat and drink, to share with everybody : it will be fun! 
Have a nice end of week and see you on Monday!